Tips for English Speaking Exams: learning English and the English language in this episode was going to talk about speaking exams so here is the question for today Gemma from Spain ah how can I prepare for an English speaking exam fantastic question Gemma, now I remember taking speaking exams back in school and this was for French things are very different but then but I still felt really nervous about it because you're speaking in the foreign language and people are assessing you.
Tips for English Speaking Exams

        so it is quite nerve-wracking this experience to go into an exam and t have to speak so there are lots of things that you can do to prepare for this exam to help you feel less nervous and to help you get a better mark in this speaking section of your exam the first thing to know is that there are different types of speaking exams so it's really important that you research exactly what you're going to do in this exam for example you might be in the room with one person.
Tips for English Speaking Exams

       you might be in the room with more than one person or you might be speaking into a computer so knowing exactly what you have to do in the exam will help you prepare for it additionally research the questions that have been asked in this exam before so do a search for the exam and then type in speaking it or speaking questions common questions and then you'll be able to find the type of questions that are usually asked in these exams that will help you prepare for the questions

       you're going to receive it's also important to work on your speaking in general because there's only so much you can do with the questions that you're going to get to work on your pronunciation work on your speaking in general do things like repeating after native speakers listening to your own answers and evaluating yourself and do the things that I always talk about to help you make progress with your speaking and your English in general so get as much practice as you can before you go into the exam and don't just concentrate on the questions but concentrate on your English in general.

        the last tip I have for you is to get feedback on your speaking so work with someone who knows the exam that you're going to take and ask them to do a trial exam with you they can ask you questions you can answer and then this teacher is going to give you feedback on what you need to improve they can tell you what level you currently have and they can tell you what things you need to work on for the exam it's all about practice practice practice but get that feedback as well that is really going to help you if you are taking exam in the near future then take my advice from this video and take action and I've created a free download for you that goes through these tips.