'PUBG' Major 2020 Contents Leaked By Dataminer

In 2019, “PUBG” creator Brendan Greene teased that the fan-favorite battle royale game might have a Riot Shield. Now, it appears that it is really in the works, along with significant things like play modes and new mechanics coming in the future. These details are recently shared by a popular data miner who claims that the Shield is currently being tested at the studio.

“PUBG” data miner PlayerIGN shared a new video earlier today showing his latest discoveries. Based on the video, “PUBG” will soon feature new movement mechanics, riot shields, and an offline mode that will feature zombies. The Team Deathmatch mode, from “PUBG Lite,” will also reportedly be added soon in the main game.

PUBG: PlayerUnknown's BattlegroundsPUBG: PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Photo: steamXO

These leaked features are apparently arriving in “PUBG” in 2020, according to the YouTuber’s source (an ex-PUBG employee). In the list of contents reportedly being tested, there is a mention of the riot shield coming with the new movement system. Based on the video, the upcoming riot shield lowers the player’s sprint, run, and jump distances deals 80 melee damage to opponents, and will allow the player to use other melee weapons, throwable weapons, and handheld guns along with the Riot Shield.

Additionally, the list of upcoming “PUBG” contents talks about lots of other items and features. It includes a story mode, which appears to be a prequel to Erangel, a new animation system, Team Deathmatch mode maps, weapons, and more. Other upcoming contents revealed in the video include P90, Famas, HK G3, New boat for the Miramar, 2 or 3 TDM maps, and Ranked and clan systems.

Speaking of team Deathmatch map, the “PUBG” mobile recently launched a new Team Deathmatch mode map along with the latest 0.15.5 update. The newest map, called “The Ruins,” is inspired by the thick forest of Sanhok. The style of the gameplay is a little bit different from the ‘Warehouse’ map and slightly shorter compared to the first map.

“PUBG,” an online multiplayer battle royale game, is available on various platforms. This includes PlayStation 4, Android, Microsoft Windows, iOS, and Xbox One. You can check out the video shared by PlayerIGN below.